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Taking our commitment to the next level, LOTUS UNISEX SALON is proud to launch first ever School of hair and beauty with the objective of spreading knowledge, education, awareness and churning out polished professionals to meet today's challenges and tomorrow's opportunities. The range of courses offered the academy is tailored to meet specific requirements and time constraints. This would be the ideal time to introduce the LP ARTH course. "affiliated to LOTUS UNISEX SALON School of Hair & Beauty will provide the Beginners Diploma in Hairdressing. The course will enable fresh talent to enter and further develop the industry.

We believe education is the only way to success, therefore we are also introducing wide pool of advance education - Short courses. There are also courses that range from a Foundation Courses to Short 2-day courses on tailored subjects. The academy trains on various aspects of Hair & beauty, with the aim of meeting individual requirements and inspiring creativity juices. LOTUS UNISEX SALON School of Hair and Beauty is working to ensure that every individual who enrolls, graduates feeling a new. Our courses are developed and designed to be contemporary, relevant, updated with the latest trends and forward thinking that is derived from passion, commitment and technical excellence.


Our Courses


Bridal Make-up

Bridal make-up should appear natural- looking, with well - groomed eyebrows and natural lashes too.

Hair Cut & Finish

Your life may not be perfect, but ensure your haircut is!

Manicured Nails

Nail Care

Your nails are like jewels, don’t use them like tools - essie

Hair Styling

Hairstylist known to be quite a tease always sharp as a raser some days would love to just curl up and dye always on the cutting edge of style knows the best ways to deal with hairy situations


Hair Treatments

Great hair doesn’t happen by chance. It happens by appointment!


Hair Texture

The Best Hair Dressers never stop learning. you take texture Hair It felt so amazing to run my fingers through it. I such a different look for when you may be feeling extra bold.”


Facials & Rituals

Treat your make-up like jewelry for the face. Play with colors, shapes, structure - it can transform you.”

Hand & Feet

A girl should have two things: Beautiful nails and fabulous Toes.”


Skin Care

Believe me, if I looked good, it’s not an accident. Good skin makes me feel pretty, and it makes me feel healthy, and it makes me feel happy 

Beard Grooming

Style is much more intresting than FASHION. Looking good is’t self - importance : It’s Self - Respect !

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