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Franchise process
As a Lotus Unisex Salon franchisee you'll be at the cutting edge of franchising. Valued at INR 400 billion, your cut of the salon and spa industry is just a hair's breadth away. It's an opportunity to win success and earn some fun in the process. The industry's top brand is your top business opportunity. You can bring Lotus Unisex Salon to your city with an investment in the range of 10 Lacs - 80 Lacs


Why should you choose the salon and spa business?  Well, the top reason is that the business, just like hair, never stops growing. It's a recession proof bet; a stable, all cash business with recurring revenues and no outstanding receivables!


We offer a world class unisex salon setup at reasonable rates and high branding standards.  We have a state of the art website and communication tools to communicate our game changing vision and values. All our salons get 3D visuals and 60 days turnkey erection. The roll out is a 45 day process where we walk you through the store opening process from end to end. Our marketing programs include innovative digital marketing incorporating online lead generation support, SMO, SEO and SMM targeted at national, regional and local levels to drive customer walk-ins.


We lead by example and with a strong corporate backbone of 25 full time management roles at the back end to serve our franchisees. Our rich tradition of rewarding talent at our annual conventions to promote the best of the best is only a tip of the ice berg. Our first rate salon software gives passive owners complete control over their sales. Our strong ground level marketing generates consistent walk-ins and every service is SOP driven and classified for easy training purposes.


On offer are loyalty and in salon promotions , a points based redemption program and giveaways, which with the wide,  well-researched and organised service menu keep customers coming back. We adhere to uniform standards, ready to use HR, Marketing and Operation Manuals with all forms and formats. In addition, we provide unmatched customer care and recruitment and training support .


So the question is, why wouldn't you choose Lotus Unisex Salon?









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