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Do I need to have experience in the Salon business to start a Salon?

Absolutely not.

We would much prefer your business management experience and people skills and with NO hair care experience at all.

Do I have to leave my current Job?

Although it can’t be denied that what YOU can do, your salon manager can’t. So if you wish you run the day to day operations things will be better. The success of your Salon will be in direct relation to the amount of time you choose to spend managing / supervising and promoting your Salon.

How do I Know if I am right for a LOTUS Unisex Salon Franchise?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I enjoy working with people?

  • Am I willing to unlearn my past experience & learn new trade tricks?

  •  Can I travel an extra mile to keep the customer happy-every time?

  •  Do I have the Capital it takes to become a LOTUS Unisex Salon Franchisee?

  •  Am I financial stable?

  •  Am I success driven?

  •  Am I willing to follow a proven business system?

Are franchised businesses more successful?

Generally it has been agreed that franchised businesses have a better chance of success compared to independent small businesses. It is so for a variety of reasons including:

  • The franchisor has a vested interest that the franchisee succeed.

  •  Franchisor’s proven business model which has been tried and tested.

  •  Support from the franchisor.

  •  Franchisee is a bigger ship that running his own small boat.

  •  Networking with others in same profession(other franchisee)

  •  Learning from others experience, without costing anything to you.

  •  Franchisee is also a advisor for franchisee on issue like accounts, legal, taxes etc.

  •  The established brand and customers who are loyal to the brand

Why should I take LOTUS Unisex Salon Franchisee?

With LOTUS Unisex Salon franchise you get the highly recognized trademark, entire business concept from marketing strategy and plan, standards Operational procedure, Billing systems, MIS, training, quality control and ongoing assistance, guidance and supervision.

You should opt for LOTUS Unisex Salon Franchise because

Easier to attract manpower

Make use of the employee pool of LOTUS Unisex Salon.

Company is managed by professional from IIMC Mumbai with over 13 year experience. Company does lot of events for employee welfare, recognition & retention

Staff training.

Honesty & Transparency.

You generate employment for growing India.

How long it the Franchise Agreement?

The LOTUS Unisex Salon agreement if for five (5) years. However, assuming both parties agree and then upon payment of a renewal fee the parties can mutually agree to extend the contract for a further five (5) years.

What is National Marketing fund?

This is a pool of marketing fund for common advertising for all stores, like advertisement on TV, Newspaper, National and Regional Magazine, Specifically for increasing sales.

This pool of fund is created by paying equivalent to 1 Hair female cut per day – payable weekly to franchisor.

Can Lotus Unisex Salon “Guarantee” my success as a franchisee?

We have been providing quality service and robust operational and training support which has worked for us in different geographies. You will find Lotus Unisex Salon franchise concepts to be successful, proven investment opportunities with huge growth potential.

But just like any other business, a franchisee or company owned salon could fail for the following reasons:

  • Poor location

  • Insufficient capital

  • Mismanagement of employees, self, clients or suppliers

  • Poor control of Cash

  • Poor control of expenses

  • Competition

  • Non compliance with Lotus Unisex Salon Process & Systems.


Is there a strict standard I am required to follow in operating a Lotus Unisex Salon franchise?

Yes. We know what works. We have proved it works.

We will pass this business formula on to you.



The franchise fee is non-refundable and is fully payable at the time of signing the agreement.




Can I own more than one franchisee?

Most certainly, we have a unique operational process that works for you instead of you working for the system. Which means that you can own and operate more than one salons Ans manage easily





What is the completion like?

The market is dominated by un-structured local players, who do not have a standard operation procedure, customers get different experience and behaviour most of the time.

Local players are generally not highly educated and have inherited this business, do not have for sight, do not get upgraded trainings.

No brand backs the local player & client does relate themselves with local players and when customer gets an option for better interior place, hygienic environment, proper care latest trends – they just switch.


Who does the site selection? What assistance do we get from Lotus Unisex Salon?

The franchisee will be given enough information to choose the right location. The franchisee will send the photo and details of the selected sites to Lotus Unisex Salon (Preferably 3 Sites to choose from). A representative will visit the site for final approval.


What’s next? Apply Today

If you think that you wish to take things to another level of understanding, please fill no-obligation Salon Franchise Application Form and send it to our H.O. along with a chq of Rs. 500,000/- = in favour of Lotus Unisex Salon Corporation

This Rs. 500,000/- = is not refundable but adjustable against your franchisee fee, in case you sign franchisee agreement within 3 months from the date of realization of chq.

Franchise Application

By taking the time to complete our franchise application, you are initiating our Mutual Discovery Process that will result in a Collaborative decision about whether the Lotus Unisex Salon franchise opportunity is right for you, and vice versa


Once you submit your completed application (i.e. group and all individual applications have been submitted,) you will receive you Due Diligence Kit(Salon Sensitivity Analysis tools). This is a highly valuable tool that we will use together throughout the Mutual Discovery Process.


The Due Diligence is a rich tool that we only provide to serious franchise partner Candidates. We are looking forward to working with you and exploring our potential relationship.


Is the Franchisee refundable? Can I pay it in stages?

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